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The instruments shown are just a small selection from our wide range. More instruments are available. Please contact us for more information. And if we don’t have the instrument you are looking for, we can probably find it for you!

Sanctus Serafin

1732, Venice

The work of Sanctus Serafin is considered to be among the finest and most attractive of the Venetian school

Darche Hilaire

1905, Brussels

Castagneri Andre - Lille_Paris - 17xx

Castagneri Andre

17xx , Paris

Boussu Benoit

1765, Brussels

Hel Joseph

1885, Lille

Gand & Bernadel

1878, Paris

Lejeune François

1769, Paris

Violin: Pierray-Paris-1714

Pierray Claude

1714, Paris

Violin: Fent Francois-Venice-1780

Fent François

1780, Paris

Dalla Costa

1750, Treviso

Tecchler David

1730, Rome


1769, Milan

Antoniazzi Romeo

1859, Cremona

Farotti Celeste

1921, Milan

Tarasconi Guiseppe

1886, Milan

Castagneri Andre

1740, Paris

Castagneri Andre - Lille_Paris - 1740

Violin: Cordanius-JF-Genua-1725

Cordanus J.F.

1725, Genua

Genova school

1740-1760, Genua

Heynberg George

1924, Liege

Lagarenne A.

1913, Brussels

Violin: Vuillaume N.F. - Brussels - 1838

Vuillaume N.F.

1838, Brussels

Violin: Derazey -school-Mirecourt 1830-40

Derazey school

1830-1840, Mirecourt

Violin: Gaillard-Louis-Mirecourt-18-40-50

Gaillard Louis

1840-1850, Mirecourt

Violin: Derazey-Justin-Mirecourt 1877

Derazey Justin

1877, Mirecourt


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Gert Schrijvers was trained in the French violin making tradition and worked in Parisian workshops for many years. In 1992, he settled in Belgium as a restorer of fine stringed instruments. Not only is he a skilled trader he is also an internationally acclaimed expert in quality instruments.

This website is but a mere introduction to our hand-finished string instruments, the history of our workshop and the savoir-faire of our craftsmen. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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