Fine Instruments & Bows

In addition to our range of instruments, our core business consists of restoring high-grade violins, violas and cellos. 

The main specialty of the house is sound analysis & optimisation of the sound quality.

You are welcome for a free analysis of your instrument. Additional we offer a rehairing and repair service for bows.

Gand & Bernadel viola, violin, and cello

Gand & Bernardel trio

This cello, viola and violin are the typical and charasteric work of the 19th century Parisian workshop Gand & Bernardel.

Maintaining the beauty and acoustics of an instrument requires accurate and meticulous hand-finished techniques.

That’s why our workshop is home to uniquely talented musicians.


Let us guide you

Our range of instruments is tailored for students, professionals, amateurs, collectors, or anyone on the lookout for quality, originality and a valuable permanent investment.

An instrument is nurtured, transcends its material value and gains personal value. We have the experience, and are all ear, to guide you in buying or renting the right instrument for you on your musical journey.

Our instruments show craftsmanship in its most timeless form which we bring to a higher level through a meticulous restoration. We guarantee the authenticity and originality of all our instruments


The richness of stringed instruments is that they are played and then passed down to future generations.

Our passion is to ensure their preservation and artistic qualities that exceed time.

Insurance & Appraisal

Do you have questions about the origins of your instrument or bow? Do you want to sell or find out more about it? We offer you our experience for objective and well-founded expertise.

violin and cellos at Gert Schrijvers atelier

Stylistic characteristics, wood analysis, varnish examination, etc. are characteristics that will indicate where, when and possibly by whom the instrument was made.

You can also appeal to us for a value certificate or to insure your instrument. Gert Schrijvers has been appointed as Belgian expert for the LARK INSURANCE company.

Gert Schrijvers expert in stringed instruments

Interested in instruments, repair, or a valuation? Just drop us a line.


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Gert Schrijvers was trained in the French violin making tradition and worked in Parisian workshops for many years. In 1992, he settled in Hasselt as a restorer of fine stringed instruments. Not only is he a skilled trader he is also an internationally acclaimed expert in quality instruments.
He is member of the EILA.

For more than 25 years, Gert Schrijvers and his atelier have been associated with the pursuit of perfection that is inherent to the music world. With an eye for elegance, precision, innovation, respect for tradition, and a commitment to excellence numerous fine instruments have left the workshop and are played by talented musicians all over the world.

This website is but a mere introduction to our collection of string instruments, the history of our workshop and the savoir-faire of our craftsmen. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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